Iowa Motor Truck Transport, Inc. was formed in 1974 in Garner, IA for the purpose of delivering high value service vehicles to clients. Our goal from the beginning was to establish a relatively small fleet of specialized trucks and trailers, while partnering up with the best drivers in the industry. We are an approved carrier for the DOD (Department of Defense) as well as the SDDC (Surface Deploy Distribution Command). During our 40 year history, we have grown to over 200 truck fleet based in Garner, Iowa with satellite terminals in Des Moines, IA; Orrstown, PA; Selma, AL;  Longview TX; and Phoenix, AZ. IMT Transport Inc. will be adding additional terminals in near future. We are pleased with our growth and success, and we will continually strive to become the nation's elite shipping company and the transportation company of choice for OEM truck up-fitters and equipment manufacturers nationwide.